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Vancouver, British Columbia

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I have been a jade collector since 1974, and jade appraiser since 1983.  I have  30 years experience with  B.C., Russian, Burmese Turkistan and Central American jade.  I've taught courses on jade collecting (How to collect jade and not get ripped off) since approximately 25 years ago and have worked for several insurance companies in British Columbia, Canada.


Since 1974 I have studied Nephrite, Jadeite, Chloromelanite,  Asian, Russian, Central American and B.C.  jade.   My lengthy background studies of B.C. jade and B.C. jade carvings were under the guidance of Mr. Larry Owen, owner of Loex Jades Ltd. in Vancouver, B.C.   I have handled carvings done by Mr. Wong, Dube, Sopel, and other carvers who work in British Columbia.


I regularly visit Hong Kong and China, which offers a continuing learning experience, as the Chinese are gettting better with making "jade replacements" out of other stones, glass and plastics.  As such, I am able to test and distinguish between the fake and the real thing.


If you are not sure if your item is jade, come in for a free test - call 604-224-6622.